The Golden Watch

It's funny how little things can change your life. One day you're running from class to class and the next you're arrested for possessing a stolen antique watch. Bombarded with so many questions, you just don't know how you will convince the police that you are innocent. But as I always believe, not everything happens... Continue Reading →


We’ll Leave This World Alone

You keep saying that we came to this world alone and we'll leave this world alone but... I didn't come to this world alone. I have a twin... I'm too used to saying "we" when I talk about my childhood. I was never alone. He was there talking gibberish with me when our parents couldn't... Continue Reading →

Stages of Love

Falling in love... is like finally getting to breathe after coming out of deep waters. You feel a little dizzy at first but you start getting used to it. You break things around you even though you were never clumsy. You forget things and can’t stop thinking about them. It’s both beautiful and painful. And... Continue Reading →

Quarter Past Midnight

Quarter past midnight and I'm still holding onto your letters. Hidden safely in a metal box on a dusty shelf. It feels as if it hasn't been too long since I last saw you. I still remember your perfume. How long has it been? 5 years, 3 months, 22 days and 9 hours. Not that... Continue Reading →

Arrival of The Most Beautiful Flower in Spring

When you arrive, spring will be in it's full bloom. I'll take you by the seaside & introduce you to a blue you never saw before. Next time I'm staring deeply into the sea, maybe I'll see the faint reflection of your eyes staring back at me. We'll take a cable car tour in Pierre... Continue Reading →

Stitches and Heartbreaks

Hazel eyes & tattoos How many did you kill with those? How many stitches does it take to mend a broken heart? Plenty? None actually. You can't fix a broken heart with stitches. But why was he covered in stitches then? Why did they sew him up like a doll? Who wounded him? Cancer. I... Continue Reading →

Daisy’s Answer

I am terrified. I'm terrified of waking up at 6 AM and not seeing the sunrise or feel the warmth on my skin. I'm terrified of disappointments. I'm terrified of all the waves of the seas I didn't see or swim. I am broken, I'm scared to love. But I'm scared of being loved the... Continue Reading →

Hobbies Reduce Stress

"Hobbies have physical health benefits. Research has found that engaging in enjoyable activities during free time were associated with lower blood pressure, total cortisol, waist circumference, and body mass index. ... Hobbies are good for your mind and your body." By focusing on a non-work-related task, you're giving your mind something else to focus on.... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Publisher: Fontana Paperbacks Publication Date: 1934 Paperback: 233 pages ISBN: 0-00-617006-4 Rating: ★★★★★   Synopsis The Orient Express was unusually full for the time of year. Hercule Poirot sat in the elegant restaurant-car and amused himself by observing his fellow passengers: a Russian princess of great ugliness, a haughty English colonel, an American with a... Continue Reading →

Empty Page

Every new page, every new beginning, ever since, I know someone who's lovely by coincidence, His brightness makes the night fade away, Not always do we have a next day, Silence in his eyes, quicksand in his words, I melt as he flies away like the birds. . Empty page, ink bottle, nothing to say,... Continue Reading →


A bottle of ink... A bottle of paint Another bottle to make me forget Ink on my hands... A brush between my teeth Will I be remembered? How many scribbles does it take for me to prove my love for you? How many strokes of brush on empty canvases (dying to be painted)... How many... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

Publisher: Penguin Books Publication Date: October 2017 Hardcover: 286 pages ISBN: 978-0-241-33543-7 Rating: ★★★★☆ Synopsis via Amazon Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together they navigate the short... Continue Reading →

Wish Lists & Dreams

What a girl wants? Flowers and chocolates? Or books? What does this girl want? Promises with happiness sprinkled on top…   You’re cutting me into pieces like a disliked meal on your plate… But why cut me when you have no will to eat? I may never be complete again with my missing pieces, but... Continue Reading →

Sophisticated As We Are

Tilt your head to the side and think, does this inspire me? You think you look sophisticated, don't you? I'm at yet another art gallery today. I'm too busy with my own comments roaming in my head that I don't see the crowd of people around me. They're like beautiful and colorful flowers surrounding me... Continue Reading →

Fall in Fall

Little fireworks, little fireworks, Like holding crackers in your hand... This pulsing vein, this dilated eye, Calm down so I can think... Little butterflies, little butterflies, Nervous breakdowns with childish giggles... Rainy days and drying leaves... I'm welcoming autumn with a crooked smile. I'm stuck between saying farewell to iced lattes and welcoming a new... Continue Reading →

Lavender Nights

Here I am welcoming tonight from the sparkling Bosphorus Bridge... I feel like I've been here before... And I have. But I was passing by like a blur and my thoughts were miles away with you... Tonight I rediscovered myself... I feel... I feel like the full moon... On a night as bright as this... Continue Reading →

Liquid Courage

Paint me a picture Let your branches reach my leaves Let me embrace you like the sea Let the sun touch my cheeks Let the rain wash all of our worries Let the waves carry me home Let the time flow till I reach you Let me open my eyes and see you Paint me... Continue Reading →

Dear Heart-breaker

Dear Heart-breaker, I realized that you never know who's going to leave an impact in your life. Good or bad, people influence us. You have influenced me mostly good but lastly bad. I know I can't just forget the good memories and think of the one bad thing that happened at the end... But you... Continue Reading →


Waiting here outside in the rain so late, Trying to figure out why you don't get it, It's been two whole months I'm trying to say it, Two whole months.... I'm trying to say it.... With you or without you, I will continue living through, With you... My heart doesn't ache. Without you... My life... Continue Reading →


Hold a pen all day but you can't create anything like that. Scribble all you like, it won't be anything real. Not as long as you don't have ink in your pen... Unspoken invisible words and whole hearts... Inked words on bodies and broken hearts. So I have a confession... You're the ink in my... Continue Reading →


How can I sleep when my mind is awake in daydreams and not after midnight thoughts... I turn right, I turn left... I hum an old song and wonder if it is insomnia... I toss and turn a little bit more but no avail... I still have you in my thoughts. I envy the moon who... Continue Reading →


Perfectly written poetry Singsong voice Read me all of your worries He skips breakfasts to avoid conversation. I skip meals because I forget... He listens to music to reminisce the old days. I listen to music to fade out the background bickerings.... He takes a walk to think and go on short-lived adventures. I take... Continue Reading →


Where am I? The sheets are cold and I can't move a muscle... Perspiration all over my skin... Worry in my eyes, scanning everything around... Heart beats quickening... Swallow the less crazy words before you scream out the real crazy questions... Do you ever wake up numb?... Like you're chained to your bed... Like you... Continue Reading →

Seagulls of Istanbul

If you're in Istanbul, by the coast and looking for a friend (mostly to share your bagel), I'm here for you. It only takes one piece to call me. Seagull is my name. I'm more of a fish kind of  bird but you know, a bagel or two won't hurt. Remember how your mother used... Continue Reading →

Poetry Podcasts

I know we haven't exactly met in so many years... sometimes the miles of distance between us felt like a telephone cord... and sometimes I wrote letters for you like we were living in the 70s. I never sent the letters... I just kept them sealed in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind?... Continue Reading →

Inner Beauty

I lost my hope on a rainy day, You found it's pieces yesterday, Your silence is a broken glass under my feet, You're the pearl I found under a summer heat.   Pebbles, shells & lots of sand, I fell down & you stretched your hand. Just like the fallen leaves on an autumn day,... Continue Reading →


Your fragrance, your touch, your voice and your gaze... I'm familiar with all of these but I still can't get used to the idea of you being away from me... Believe me... Without you... Istanbul doesn't have a Bosphorus, it can't swallow the bitterness of our longing... Every time you leave... you steal nothing but... Continue Reading →

Daisy Innocence

How do you forgive someone who hurt you? How do you get rid of the things that cling to your soul? How do you blow the dust of your past? How do you exhale without breathing fire? Every little detail, every little noteworthy moment... But is this all worth forgiving? Daisy is the symbol of... Continue Reading →


Remember that day at the beach? The sky and the sea were clear and aligned with our dreams... Do you miss those days like I do? As deep as the oceans, As delicate as a daisy, As chilly as a highland, Your heart is my home. One jigsaw to complete this mess. I'm always missing... Continue Reading →

And They Lived Happily Ever After

How you're interesting in an addictive way... you and every little detail you have is another piece that adds color to my life... bit by bit my painting of you is nearing completion.Hate and envy of the thorns of a rose to its petals... We aren't complete without our flaws... they make us real. So... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love

I started writing a journal yesterday and I never once mentioned your name. You are the secret I keep even from my dear diary... I've talked to and about other people but your name is a sin... it's the unspoken secret affair. Everything changes when love enters the picture... along with heartache and groundless happiness.... Continue Reading →


I have a blank canvas I was keeping just for you. I'm adding and stirring paints just to get your color. I'm not sure what color the background should be. Which color suits you? All these different paints and nothing describes you best like... the color of poison. Why do I keep looking for you... Continue Reading →

Broken Promises

It's so hard swallowing back the things I don't want to admit out loud... It's so hard deleting the old pictures... It's so hard moving on when I'm staying behind and breathing the same air when I was with him... The most broken thing of all is that it hurts so bad that he gave... Continue Reading →

Faded Background Noises

I don't know how to be alone. I don't know how to stay behind when everyone is leaving. I don't know how to embrace silence when every part of me wants to scream... Sometimes time feels slow and easy, sometimes it's fast and a blur. It's all about feelings and memorable places. Jazz or classical,... Continue Reading →

Our Garden

It was an old story, ours... It started off just like any... Unlike most fairytales there was no "and they lived happily ever after..." ending. It was more like, "So long and thanks for all the memories"...   One spring afternoon when I was attending an art gallery you passed by. No "Hi", no "Hello"...... Continue Reading →


We are a part of a world ruled by order, but we're too chaotic (for them)... One would say we're unoccupied when all we do is be ourselves. Isn't that what freedom is? To be able to talk about our passion? We are recklessly beautiful and they don't see it. All they do is judge... Continue Reading →


Maybe I was wrong about you... We put on masks and we hide behind lies. Time is a light when it comes to people, unmasks all the dirt and the secrets. I had the chance to see all your traits and tricks. You hid all the good ones behind your mask... Why? Maybe it takes... Continue Reading →

Every Time

Every morning I wish to see you again. Everyone has their own way of showing love. Some would say sweet nothings, others would just mock and annoy. As for me, I'm just stuck on rewind playing a memory I should've forgotten years ago.  Every afternoon I wonder why you keep our pictures. Sometimes I can't... Continue Reading →

The One That Got Away

All the right signs for all the wrong assumptions... I loved my dreams and memories more than I loved the idea of him at the time... Hope is an ugly word for someone who doesn't believe in their past self being right about the one that got away...  What I needed wasn't a confrontation... I... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me

Kiss me like... You do in my dreams Kiss me on... A sweet day like this Kiss me so... I can never forget you Kiss me again... I can always keep your secrets Kiss me and... My lips will be sealed Kiss me always... I'll miss you the second you leave Kiss me so... I... Continue Reading →

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