I have a blank canvas I was keeping just for you. I’m adding and stirring paints just to get your color. I’m not sure what color the background should be. Which color suits you? All these different paints and nothing describes you best like… the color of poison.

Why do I keep looking for you in places you’ve never even been to? The Golden Horn is loud and crowded but I feel it’s peaceful with the thought of you here… So cancel all of your plans and visit the places I’m bound to travel without your footsteps following… Save me… Add color to my journey…

Make promises only if you’ll keep it. Take my photograph when I’m smiling… but know that I’ll never smile like that if you leave. It’s just sad asking you to visit only to know you’ll have to leave… But aren’t we all visitors? We just choose to stay longer in places that we can’t escape…

But why would I stay here when I’ve got this fire inside of me? All the flames of the world can not blaze me … not as much as your love…


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