Arrival of The Most Beautiful Flower in Spring

When you arrive, spring will be in it’s full bloom. I’ll take you by the seaside & introduce you to a blue you never saw before. Next time I’m staring deeply into the sea, maybe I’ll see the faint reflection of your eyes staring back at me.

We’ll take a cable car tour in Pierre Loti and dance on top of the hills. Get lost in Gülhane Park… you’ll probably take hundreds of pictures just to catch me with a genuine expression on my face. Don’t mind my glowing face, use a diffuser. I’d be too happy not to seem like a blur of joy.

We say Turkish coffee has 40 years of remembrance…. So we’ll have coffee because then you’ll at least come back for another taste of it.

I’ll take you to the old city & find a spot where the yellow daffodils are… I’ll secretly gaze & whisper to them & they’ll probably wink at me because you’re just adorable!

When and if it rains, I’ll be happy to keep you dry & warm in my embrace. I’ll be your rainbow even in the most dullest of days.

We’ll take a ferry from one continent to another

and I’ll kiss you right in the middle.

So please visit while it’s still cuddle season.

So we can watch the flowers bloom together.


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