Unrequited Love

I started writing a journal yesterday and I never once mentioned your name. You are the secret I keep even from my dear diary… I’ve talked to and about other people but your name is a sin… it’s the unspoken secret affair.

Everything changes when love enters the picture… along with heartache and groundless happiness. They are the best of friends!

Loving you…

At first it’s like… Opening your eyes to a garden full of flowers… mostly red roses and they sing in a whisper. Oh, how your voice always brings me joy!

A little time later it’s like… Pulling two ends of a string. Pulling, pulling and pulling to only break it. Never have I ever felt such a strong tension.

Some days it’s like… Waking up to a cloudy winter morning with a smile on.

When I’m alone it’s like… Looking out of the window every night into the empty porch.

When I’m lost it’s like… Searching for a familiar face in a crowd of strangers.

When everything is cold and bitter it’s like… Putting on gloves in autumn.

When I miss you it’s like… Suffocating by the dust of yesterdays and the glitter of tomorrows.

In the end it’s always like… Your voice echoing, “It’s not too late to start again”.

So I thought maybe, if I don’t mention your name, your reality will only stay in my day-dreams and I’ll only whisper your name when I’m alone.





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