Stitches and Heartbreaks

Hazel eyes & tattoos

How many did you kill with those?

How many stitches does it take to mend a broken heart? Plenty? None actually. You can’t fix a broken heart with stitches. But why was he covered in stitches then? Why did they sew him up like a doll? Who wounded him?


I wonder what type of a person he was before the surgery. Did he see life as he saw life now? I doubt it. When life throws us a problem, we usually try to avoid it but this was something he couldn’t avoid. It was screaming right into his face like an alarm.

I wonder if he woke up early in the mornings before the surgery… Did he enjoy listening to his record player? Did he enjoy reading the books he read as much as he did now? I wonder if he loved like he loves now… easily… Was he always gentle? Or did life soften him up? Was he a fighter or a silent screamer? Did he break hearts before? Was he always the broken one?

I wonder what he thought during those 4 days before his surgery… was he shocked? Was he scared? Did he really want to die? Or did he see death as just a riddance from cancer?

Life’s cruel but he’s alive.

Why do broken people break more hearts? Is that a way to take revenge? Do they lack sympathy? Did they have enough of being nice to people (only to get hurt)? Is that a way to avoid getting more hurt? Is that a way to push people away? Is this a war meant to be fought alone? Does being alone help at all? Does he feel stronger then? Or is it all just to keep people away from his inevitable funeral?

So many whys not enough answers.



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