Maybe I was wrong about you… We put on masks and we hide behind lies. Time is a light when it comes to people, unmasks all the dirt and the secrets. I had the chance to see all your traits and tricks. You hid all the good ones behind your mask… Why?

Maybe it takes three to feel lonely. She was my friend, since when do you find her interesting?

Maybe my dreams did turn into dust after all. Recipe for a heartbreak? Just put all of our pictures in a bucket and burn them alive. Memories can turn into ashes. Don’t bother scattering them on seas we swum in…

Maybe innocence was really lost. When was the last time you felt a change? Don’t deny it, you changed, so did I… I changed within reason but you changed within changes…

Maybe life didn’t actually give me lemons. Life only gave me misery and sorrow, only to never take them back…

Maybe I took the wrong shortcut. I thought I could reach you, now I’m further away… 


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