Lavender Mystery

Let's find our lavender mystery... I could almost hear you asking, "Is that a place?"... It's actually a concept. You'd probably say, "How will we find a concept?" This is how: You'll take your van and I'll take my pillows. You'll wait for me under the haunted willows. If I'm late, wait at the gate.... Continue Reading →


Word Stealer

Drawing lines on words.  Underlining words. Changing words. Adding words. Erasing words. Filling crosswords. You were good at all these things. But above all, you were the best at one thing... Stealing words that weren't yours. Every word I learned, you added another one to the end each time. You taught me how sentences could be... Continue Reading →

Ferris Wheel

Autumns were never your favorite. You hated the smell of dried leaves and I always loved crushing them under my feet. One time you mentioned how cinnamon on top of your coffee was the only thing you liked about autumn. You also kept reminding me that winter was your favorite season even though you had... Continue Reading →

New Life

It was the 31st of December 2010, a magical day that changed everything in my life. The moment I stepped out of the airport, the weather was ice cold. The silence of my loneliness in a huge city like Istanbul, that was something new. I never knew how much I loved Jeddah until I left.... Continue Reading →

Our Gamma Maze

I met you in the winter of 2011. We weren't very fond of each other at the time. We kept on discussing matters and disagreeing every time. At the time I thought we'd never be friends like that but ironically we were inseparable by the summer. We planned on meeting up but it was cancelled... Continue Reading →

All The Questions That Are Damaging My Sanity

How could you forget? How could you forget our happiest memories? How dare you replace our happiness with misery? Why would you give up that easily? Why did you leave? I don't even remember the reason. I bet you had quite the reason to leave on that cold winter morning. I bet you planned your big escape from... Continue Reading →

Letters to Love

Dear Darling, I could write about you pages of pages... I could love you pages of pages... and write in small font so the pages last... and then hide the written letters between books so no one reads them... When we first met, you told me that even if you had to you wouldn't leave...... Continue Reading →

Daffodil Jealousy

I was sitting on a chair beside my window when a swallow sat upon my flower pot. The swallow had a yellow flower petal between it's beak. I wondered where it came from. The swallow turned towards me and like magic I started seeing images that did not belong to my memory... I was seeing... Continue Reading →

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, I'm taking you away from here. To a place we both haven't seen yet. Somewhere the laughter is louder than misery. Somewhere the sea is deep but clear as crystal . Somewhere every lost beginning is found. Somewhere the people sing all night. Somewhere colors don't need names. Somewhere time lets you... Continue Reading →

Wrong Side

"Remember the day you left? I do... So does my friends, my diary and my therapist. I'm pretty sure if my cat could talk, she'd say she remembers that day too. But I'm not sure if you do..." Those were the words I wrote in my diary a few years back. Like anyone in pain,... Continue Reading →

Not Enough

What if the things that spark our love weren't little gifts? What if surprises weren't meant to be that surprising? What if the one you love wasn't rich? What if dating wasn't about eating at an expensive Italian restaurant? What if men bought books instead of flowers? What if every person had their own original... Continue Reading →

Sugar-Free Coffee

There were days when I mistaken myself for a tulip... Cheerful through spring but nowhere to be found the rest of the year. I ran away from so many things, I ran across mistakes. I ran away from responsibilities and I had to take more responsibilities. The right things I knew were wrong and the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Love Too Much

I heard the howl of the wind when you weren't around. I learned about the grief of the rain when you left. I saw the clouds gliding when I was falling. Nobody caught me, did you know? Nobody reached for my hand and helped me on my feet... Because nobody wanted to become a hero.... Continue Reading →


Oh darling I keep on day-dreaming They say if you day-dream too much it's a sign that you'll have visitors soon But you never visit Why would you be a visitor anyway? You're already mine You should come Stay And always be by my side... 6 February 2015  

Possible Lies

He promises everything like he'll live forever. "Promises are meant to be kept..." he says, "Secrets are meant to be hidden.. but the rules? Rules are meant to be broken at some point my darling. You can't make a man stay silent when his beloved is gazing like that" and he points at me... I... Continue Reading →


Four hundred and seventeen days and four hundred and seventeen memories. I save every bit of joyful moment behind my ears. Four hundred and seventeen sounds more like the amount of times I listened to jazz while drinking coffee. Not black bitter coffee, perhaps a latté..? the fancy kind with fancy flavours. Four hundred and... Continue Reading →

Once Again You’re Half-way Gone

April 9 1988 Once again you're half-way gone to a place I've never seen. Something bothers me but I'm afraid I'm not strong enough to share it so soon. Not that I wonder day and night about your daily activities. Not that I miss you every second. It's only because I've been dreading to write... Continue Reading →

Sands of Georgia

Where do you sleep tonight? On the sands of Georgia?? Do you get shivers? Is it terribly cold or are you terribly alone? Where do you keep your thoughts? Back home? Or are you living the moment on the sands of Georgia? When will you return? Any time soon or ever? Where do you walk... Continue Reading →

Silence and Darkness

The night is calm... without the city's traffic and the laughter of the neighbors. I am not alone. I am not in a deep slumber. I am not dreaming. I am not painting. I am just listening... listening to the crickets of the night. It's funny how without the crickets there would be complete silence.... Continue Reading →


They asked, "Can you list all of the things that are brown?"... I can.... But why would I put all of them in one category? Not every brown is your kind of "brown".... Your eyes are like the color of Turkish coffee with just a drop of milk in them... just a drop. There's only... Continue Reading →


Have you heard? ...Heard about the time I missed the train? ...The train that goes east of our town. Underneath the Bosphorus and then we'll climb the top of the seven hills. ...The train that passes underwater, the sea so many poets confessed their love to. ...The train that never sees the seagulls' happiness. ...The... Continue Reading →


I'm bitter and you're sweet... We make life bittersweet... We met at the local library, him and I. That day I looked like a total know-it-all. I sat on the couch facing his table. He was writing something fast and he had passion in his eyes. I wasn't that comfortable on the couch so I... Continue Reading →


When you find yourself in a place that you don't belong... What do you do? Do you run away? Do you stay? What is that one thing that makes you feel that way in the first place? Is it the people or is it the little things in life that push you aside like a... Continue Reading →


Imagine a person sitting on a sidewalk in absolute silence... and it's raining heavily... The person you're imagining could be a character of fiction or someone you know. Our imaginations are limitless. Let's say the person you just imagined is a poet. As if a sane person would sit anywhere in the pouring rain!? So... Continue Reading →

Will You Visit?

If it were for the sake of pen and paper, the amount of stories and poems I'd write for you would be endless... endless in the most infinite way. It was a cold afternoon on a Monday. I reached your side just before my hands felt cold. You were looking from afar with the most... Continue Reading →

First Two Seconds of The Fall

I had a dream that lived upon the most colorful sky... A dream so vivid yet so dull... A dream filled with hopes and the silence of the meadows... A dream so real yet undiscovered, forgotten and lost. It's been quite a while since I received your last letter. I sometimes blame the mailman but... Continue Reading →

The Dark in Your Eyes

He said, "Darkness can be silent but don't worry sunlight isn't that loud anyway." * It always starts with rain, all the sad mornings that is, but I prefer fog and I have my own reasons. Fog is scary and a little violent but that's just how we see it nowadays (many thanks to horror... Continue Reading →

Torn Papers

Something pulls me into these pages, Cold, empty, hungry and silent pages, They keep calling me, telling me "write", A struggle of fishing words, a ridiculous fight. * Papers, empty torn papers, sad trees, Nature is calling with hives and bees, Rivers flowing, wind blowing, I'm lost, What about the torn papers all over the... Continue Reading →

Different Blue

I was lost in the storms of the ocean, Deep water, everything in slow motion, I got up, held on, prayed, I knew it was something I made. * Then you came along, Stole my heart like a song, The sky's a different blue, Whenever I'm with you. * Everything you did amazed me, Black... Continue Reading →

Night Breeze

Daylight slowly fades away, I remember it, that beautiful day, Everything turns purple... * Have you seen my lucky star? Air gently touching me from far, Romeo forgot his courage at home, Discovering you is like the Ancient Rome. * Lilies floating, frogs croaking in my pond, Oasis, trees and breeze a different bond, Veils... Continue Reading →


Pages are blank when it comes to you, Words are incomplete when it comes to you, The sky is purple when it comes to you, My day never starts without you... * Indescribable as you are, I'm mute when it comes to you, Looking at you is never enough, I'm blind when it comes to... Continue Reading →

The Deal

Let's make a deal; you don't say what's on your mind and I'll pretend that you're alright. What about the eyes though? Who will believe the moving lips when the eyes are clearly full of anger and misery? You can't hide it and I'm not the only one that can read through you. You could... Continue Reading →


Dear Time, I've been trying to reach you since months... Tick-tick. Where are you going? Tic-tack. Where are you? Things are awfully fast and this blur makes me nauseous. Tick-tick. Why? Will you care to explain or will you keep quiet until I see the Light? Tick-tack. No? My power is decreasing every single day,... Continue Reading →

Perfect Dreams and Other Crimes

Do you ever feel like whatever you do... it's just not enough? Why can't we be enough? Why do people expect us to be perfect? They're not perfect... why should we be perfect?? Who are we up against? Why are we in a war? What's with the "better" option? Yes, I want to be better,... Continue Reading →


I've been feeling like I never felt in a thousand years... impossible in the best way. I guess I've been keeping in so many secrets and feelings... I might want to talk about it but maybe I just don't want to talk about it at all... I don't know... I sometimes don't even know what... Continue Reading →


Dear Secret, I've loved you for far too long with silence and regret. I counted days and cursed all the miles you were away from me. With every rain, I learned to collect memories without you. With every day, I died a little more because I couldn't say, I couldn't ruin what we had. I... Continue Reading →

Lie To Me

Say that you didn't realize it, say that it's funny how time feels slow and steady when we dance... go on lie to me. Say it, say that time flies and is a blur like that time you drove me home... lie to me and I'll be happy. I am happy, I don't know if... Continue Reading →


When I crack open these pages, it burns every fingertip that touches your memory. Every word written for you becomes a bonfire. It becomes the body of the ghosts of us we both fail to keep possession of. I miss you with all the innocence that these stranger footprints left in me. I misplaced your... Continue Reading →

The Light at The End of The Road

It's half past five and the light at the end of the road is fading. I think of all the memories I left behind, heart broken memories. I want to set sail to new beginnings but I also don't want to leave home. New places bring new adventures but they also bring new faces and... Continue Reading →

Just Another

Just another day I'm counting on... That's what time is for * Just another day and I'll be strong... That's what patience is for * Just another breath and you'll be here... That's what's worth living for * Just another tickity-tock on the wall... That's what I'm waiting for * Just another breeze to keep... Continue Reading →

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