Broken Promises

It’s so hard swallowing back the things I don’t want to admit out loud… It’s so hard deleting the old pictures… It’s so hard moving on when I’m staying behind and breathing the same air when I was with him… The most broken thing of all is that it hurts so bad that he gave up on me, moved on…

It’s like walking the same path every day to reach a familiar place… I changed my path but I’m going to the same destination… Why?… Every minute it’s harder to walk, it feels longer, tiring, darker and scarier… Will I ever see another daylight?

Nothing can disentangle my mornings from my nights anymore… The next tomorrows are colder and the past yesterdays are just fading away. I only remember the kisses in between our fights and promises… Now broken promises.

Here I am wasting time in front of our scattered memories. Trying to pick the ones I don’t want to forget. I’ll save them in a diary and drown with the rest of them… Bubbles of horror… I’m alone, helpless and swallowed by your silence…


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