We are a part of a world ruled by order, but we’re too chaotic (for them)… One would say we’re unoccupied when all we do is be ourselves. Isn’t that what freedom is? To be able to talk about our passion?

We are recklessly beautiful and they don’t see it. All they do is judge us with the most unimportant details. We strive to show our real side, but they just turn away their faces. 

Mask on, we’re the eye of the public, mask off, a villain… a threat to the society! Who are we? What do we do? We’re human, don’t you know?

Like a machine that gives an object a shape… the society is enforcing us to be something we aren’t. Who are we? What do we do? THEY DO NOT KNOW!

Our innocence is lost, our happy days are over. I am constantly scared. Who am I? What do I do? They don’t understand me…

Don’t you know? Being real has it’s price…


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