Every Time

Every morning I wish to see you again. Everyone has their own way of showing love. Some would say sweet nothings, others would just mock and annoy. As for me, I’m just stuck on rewind playing a memory I should’ve forgotten years ago. 

Every afternoon I wonder why you keep our pictures. Sometimes I can’t believe how I can keep my hopes up knowing just to be let down. The warmth of your smile fooled and filled me with hope.

Every evening I watch your lights go out. I sometimes even make silly excuses for you, only to believe them. Am I forgotten?

Every night I dream of a place that can hold both of our happiness. Maybe our paths diverged long time ago…

Every time I hear your voice I go back to zero. I’m weak. 

Every day without you is a cut on my hands. Every scar takes more time to heal. Every scar has it’s own broken story.

Every night I leave a dream half-open just in case you decide to visit….


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