Our Garden

It was an old story, ours… It started off just like any… Unlike most fairytales there was no “and they lived happily ever after…” ending. It was more like, “So long and thanks for all the memories”…

One spring afternoon when I was attending an art gallery you passed by. No “Hi”, no “Hello”… Maybe you didn’t see me… I isolated myself in the corner. Just as you were passing by again, I turned my back to avoid eye contact. You saw me and chuckled just as you would. This time I had no escape. I turned around to meet your mischievous eyes. Some feelings don’t die…

After a cup of tea, I gave in to your easiness and warm company. You asked so many questions I didn’t want to answer. Even though it was sincere, one of your many questions didn’t receive a correct answer… you asked how I was and I said fine… even though everything was falling apart. I wonder if you’ve lied to me as well…

I don’t know where you are now… I don’t know if you’re happy like the last time I saw you… I don’t know if you still remember me…

But I’d like to imagine an ending to our story… Maybe one day we’ll run into each other in a garden just like the first time we met… Some gardens grow happiness, others just plain flowers…

That’s why I will always look for you in gardens happiness grows…


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