Remember that day at the beach? The sky and the sea were clear and aligned with our dreams… Do you miss those days like I do?

As deep as the oceans,
As delicate as a daisy,
As chilly as a highland,
Your heart is my home.

One jigsaw to complete this mess. I’m always missing a piece without you… Two in the morning and I’m still sleepless. The art of loving was never this complicated… Three in the afternoon and I just realized I skipped breakfast. How long will I have this light headedness? Four words to lessen my pain… Five more fingers between mine… Six different ways to say sorry… Seven days of misery and 24 hours of negatory feelings. Eight poems written for you… Nine lives gone to waste…

Remember how we never sailed? I was always a boat dreaming of setting sail to new adventures and you were… an anchor… grounding me.

Remember, remember the day I let my dreams drown in deep seas…


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