Arrival of The Most Beautiful Flower in Spring

When you arrive, spring will be in it's full bloom. I'll take you by the seaside & introduce you to a blue you never saw before. Next time I'm staring deeply into the sea, maybe I'll see the faint reflection of your eyes staring back at me. We'll take a cable car tour in Pierre... Continue Reading →


Wish Lists & Dreams

What a girl wants? Flowers and chocolates? Or books? What does this girl want? Promises with happiness sprinkled on top…   You’re cutting me into pieces like a disliked meal on your plate… But why cut me when you have no will to eat? I may never be complete again with my missing pieces, but... Continue Reading →

Our Garden

It was an old story, ours... It started off just like any... Unlike most fairytales there was no "and they lived happily ever after..." ending. It was more like, "So long and thanks for all the memories"...   One spring afternoon when I was attending an art gallery you passed by. No "Hi", no "Hello"...... Continue Reading →

Lavender Mystery

Let's find our lavender mystery... I could almost hear you asking, "Is that a place?"... It's actually a concept. You'd probably say, "How will we find a concept?" This is how: You'll take your van and I'll take my pillows. You'll wait for me under the haunted willows. If I'm late, wait at the gate.... Continue Reading →

All The Questions That Are Damaging My Sanity

How could you forget? How could you forget our happiest memories? How dare you replace our happiness with misery? Why would you give up that easily? Why did you leave? I don't even remember the reason. I bet you had quite the reason to leave on that cold winter morning. I bet you planned your big escape from... Continue Reading →

Daffodil Jealousy

I was sitting on a chair beside my window when a swallow sat upon my flower pot. The swallow had a yellow flower petal between it's beak. I wondered where it came from. The swallow turned towards me and like magic I started seeing images that did not belong to my memory... I was seeing... Continue Reading →

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