Arrival of The Most Beautiful Flower in Spring

When you arrive, spring will be in it's full bloom. I'll take you by the seaside & introduce you to a blue you never saw before. Next time I'm staring deeply into the sea, maybe I'll see the faint reflection of your eyes staring back at me. We'll take a cable car tour in Pierre... Continue Reading →


Daisy’s Answer

I am terrified. I'm terrified of waking up at 6 AM and not seeing the sunrise or feel the warmth on my skin. I'm terrified of disappointments. I'm terrified of all the waves of the seas I didn't see or swim. I am broken, I'm scared to love. But I'm scared of being loved the... Continue Reading →

Wish Lists & Dreams

What a girl wants? Flowers and chocolates? Or books? What does this girl want? Promises with happiness sprinkled on top…   You’re cutting me into pieces like a disliked meal on your plate… But why cut me when you have no will to eat? I may never be complete again with my missing pieces, but... Continue Reading →

Sophisticated As We Are

Tilt your head to the side and think, does this inspire me? You think you look sophisticated, don't you? I'm at yet another art gallery today. I'm too busy with my own comments roaming in my head that I don't see the crowd of people around me. They're like beautiful and colorful flowers surrounding me... Continue Reading →


Where am I? The sheets are cold and I can't move a muscle... Perspiration all over my skin... Worry in my eyes, scanning everything around... Heart beats quickening... Swallow the less crazy words before you scream out the real crazy questions... Do you ever wake up numb?... Like you're chained to your bed... Like you... Continue Reading →


Remember that day at the beach? The sky and the sea were clear and aligned with our dreams... Do you miss those days like I do? As deep as the oceans, As delicate as a daisy, As chilly as a highland, Your heart is my home. One jigsaw to complete this mess. I'm always missing... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love

I started writing a journal yesterday and I never once mentioned your name. You are the secret I keep even from my dear diary... I've talked to and about other people but your name is a sin... it's the unspoken secret affair. Everything changes when love enters the picture... along with heartache and groundless happiness.... Continue Reading →

Our Garden

It was an old story, ours... It started off just like any... Unlike most fairytales there was no "and they lived happily ever after..." ending. It was more like, "So long and thanks for all the memories"...   One spring afternoon when I was attending an art gallery you passed by. No "Hi", no "Hello"...... Continue Reading →

The One That Got Away

All the right signs for all the wrong assumptions... I loved my dreams and memories more than I loved the idea of him at the time... Hope is an ugly word for someone who doesn't believe in their past self being right about the one that got away...  What I needed wasn't a confrontation... I... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me

Kiss me like... You do in my dreams Kiss me on... A sweet day like this Kiss me so... I can never forget you Kiss me again... I can always keep your secrets Kiss me and... My lips will be sealed Kiss me always... I'll miss you the second you leave Kiss me so... I... Continue Reading →

Q: Who do you love and who loves you?

Love isn't just a verb or a noun anymore... it's a deep concept. For me, it's the core of the universe. It's what everything is built on. Relationships, raising kids, art, growing plants, all the hobbies in between the earth and the skies... and even money. We collect money to get what we love!.. We... Continue Reading →

Lavender Mystery

Let's find our lavender mystery... I could almost hear you asking, "Is that a place?"... It's actually a concept. You'd probably say, "How will we find a concept?" This is how: You'll take your van and I'll take my pillows. You'll wait for me under the haunted willows. If I'm late, wait at the gate.... Continue Reading →

Daffodil Jealousy

I was sitting on a chair beside my window when a swallow sat upon my flower pot. The swallow had a yellow flower petal between it's beak. I wondered where it came from. The swallow turned towards me and like magic I started seeing images that did not belong to my memory... I was seeing... Continue Reading →

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