Lavender Nights

Here I am welcoming tonight from the sparkling Bosphorus Bridge… I feel like I’ve been here before… And I have. But I was passing by like a blur and my thoughts were miles away with you…

Tonight I rediscovered myself… I feel… I feel like the full moon… On a night as bright as this we need to watch the stars or just take a stroll around the magical city that we are in. All of us have our own version of The City… Our city… The place we feel like we belong to. But in reality only some of us feel home in The City.

Lavender nights with stars as bright as your eyes when you’re singing. Will you dedicate the purple skies to me? Will you leave your city behind?

Why am I here? Empty old ships anchored down, captains going the wrong way… What is the purpose of these ships on seas that don’t reach you? Airplanes like shooting stars at night… what is the purpose of flying when I can’t even see you?

“You can’t give me the dreams that are mine anyway,

You’re half the world away,

You’re half the world away”




They asked, “Can you list all of the things that are brown?”…

I can…. But why would I put all of them in one category?

Not every brown is your kind of “brown”….

Your eyes are like the color of Turkish coffee with just a drop of milk in them… just a drop.

There’s only two types of browns that deserve a second glance, hot coffee on a winter night and the soil underneath the flowers after rain…