Inner Beauty

I lost my hope on a rainy day,

You found it’s pieces yesterday,

Your silence is a broken glass under my feet,

You’re the pearl I found under a summer heat.


Pebbles, shells & lots of sand,

I fell down & you stretched your hand.

Just like the fallen leaves on an autumn day,

Caught up with the wind dancing in a different way.


Lost in the forest of lonely souls,

Where the beauty of nature calls.

I saw a bright light in you long time ago,

A beauty that I just couldn’t possibly let go.


Every step I took, it went far away,

I just stood there to find a way,

The more it ran, the more I chased,

The more it shone, the more I stood there amazed.


You’ve been through betrayal & hate,

Death took him but I’m here mate,

You inspired me with your inner beauty,

I can only repay you with my loyalty.




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