Q: Who do you love and who loves you?

Love isn’t just a verb or a noun anymore… it’s a deep concept. For me, it’s the core of the universe. It’s what everything is built on. Relationships, raising kids, art, growing plants, all the hobbies in between the earth and the skies… and even money. We collect money to get what we love!.. We go through heart breaks to find our true love… We raise kids to spread love… We make art for/about love… We spend our leisure time doing what we love… Everything is based on love. Everything is connected.

When you ask who do you love?… I can count many people. I am easy with giving love. Who loves me? Unless they confess their feelings to me, well I wouldn’t know. All I know is, I have a sweet family and they love me indefinitely… but what matters is strangers that enter our lives… what made them love us? What makes us special? Do we deserve to be loved by that specific person? All those questions are nagging my brain.

What bothers me most is the question “why are we dealing with so many hatred when love is so easy to share?”. Love is indefinite, you can share it and you will never be out of love. Love has no expiration date. Love only ends when you restrict and convince yourself.


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