Word Stealer

Drawing lines on words.  Underlining words. Changing words. Adding words. Erasing words. Filling crosswords. You were good at all these things.

But above all, you were the best at one thing… Stealing words that weren’t yours.

Every word I learned, you added another one to the end each time. You taught me how sentences could be both senseless and so much more meaningful when found between the lines. You helped me see when all the letters changed places. You were there when I decided I didn’t wanted to hide anymore. But it was your words against mine at some point. You double crossed me and I made sure you regretted it.

If you’re a crossword puzzle then I am a maze.

The word was out that you left town. I was both happy and sad. Why? Simply because I was half expecting that it wasn’t true. You wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye… or would you?

The next week I saw you enter the bakery. I decided to walk past it before you saw me but unsuccessful… you called my name. I tried walking away but you pulled my forearm just in time. I had an angry expression and you had a sheepish look. You asked if I was alright but I didn’t reply. You asked if I was mad at you but I didn’t reply. You asked if I missed you and I laughed at your face. You were startled by my audacity. After a few seconds of silence I said, “Why did you come back?” and you lied, “To see you.”… I smiled and said, “Good, you can go now.” You stayed.

To everyone’s surprise I was the one who left town to never return… and I’m sure your side of the story is more true because tales always stay to live even if the hero leaves…


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