Ferris Wheel

Autumns were never your favorite. You hated the smell of dried leaves and I always loved crushing them under my feet. One time you mentioned how cinnamon on top of your coffee was the only thing you liked about autumn. You also kept reminding me that winter was your favorite season even though you had a very dry skin. Unlike my minor hate towards winter, you somehow made me not so hate it that year.

One winter morning we met for breakfast at our favorite brunch place. It was the first week of the snow fall and every table was occupied except the one in the corner. After we ordered our food you asked if I was free in the evening. When I gave you a puzzled look you simply said you had tickets to the festival. I laughed because I haven’t seen you smiling like that before.

We agreed on meeting near the ferris wheel. You were late. I was half worried about you and half angry at you because the weather was freezing cold. I was leaving when I saw you walking towards me with a bouquet of flowers.Daffodils… I haven’t seen you nervous like that before. The way you were searching for words were worth writing about. You said that the daffodils were for making me wait and that this was the last time that I’d wait ever again. I really wanted to believe like I didn’t believe the view up from the ferris wheel.

In the summer you said you had big news. We met near the library. Your eyes were shining with happiness and I was getting more curious by the minute. I still wish you never said those words… the words were big like the news itself… so big it crushed my heart… you were leaving… you were moving to another continent… at the time I was being selfish but I couldn’t help. We were so close and distances were threatening our so-called companionship… and the worst thing was you were so happy I couldn’t say those three little words…

Please don’t go…


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