Our Gamma Maze

I met you in the winter of 2011. We weren’t very fond of each other at the time. We kept on discussing matters and disagreeing every time. At the time I thought we’d never be friends like that but ironically we were inseparable by the summer. We planned on meeting up but it was cancelled last-minute and so was my dreams. The more we talked, the more I started writing poems. In other words you were my source of inspiration.

Roses aren’t that beautiful without their thorns,

As the thorns protect them from predators,

Eyes only see pureness and an urge to kill,

Death has never been this heart-breaking or unfair.

Where are we now after 5 years? Continents apart. If I’d known going after my dreams meant being apart, I would’ve reconsidered most of my choices. Nowadays it isn’t that hard to keep in touch but what about the 9 hour time difference? Every day we don’t reminisce the old days, I feel like we are being forgotten by each other. What is time to a 5 years old child? What is the past to you? What is regret to me? In an infinity shaped maze there’s so many possibilities of me running into you. But what is the meaning of infinity when ours is just a gamma going into two different paths?



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