New Life

It was the 31st of December 2010, a magical day that changed everything in my life. The moment I stepped out of the airport, the weather was ice cold. The silence of my loneliness in a huge city like Istanbul, that was something new. I never knew how much I loved Jeddah until I left. Yes I left home, I had to, with all the friends & memories left behind. The memories that kept me alive, the memories that made me the person I am today.

I had no clue what it was like to live in Istanbul. I had no idea how the people would treat me. Spending every summer was nothing, living here is completely different. I was pretty excited in the beginning but I knew I wasn’t ready to continue my life here. I wanted to go back, go back home, but it was too late. Every second I spent without my father was pushing me towards depression.

Days & months passed by, but nothing, I repeat, nothing brought back the happiness I once had back home. The local school didn’t accept me, I lost a year. It was much more than that, I felt abandoned in this world. Everything was going the wrong way but I never gave up. I knew all of this would just be something to laugh at, maybe after few years.

I was wrong, it was never funny, but it taught me a lesson. I was never this patient before. I made new friends in my new school. They called me “weird” but they were beyond that to me. I just had to get used to it. It took them more than six months to discover the real me. My silence was better than the artist they know now.

People moved on but I never gave up. Every now & then I showed them the bright side of me. But beneath all the talent, all the glamor, I’m still that quiet little girl waiting to be discovered. Life is cruel but if you respect my difference, we’ll get along peacefully.

December 2012


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