Letters to Love

Dear Darling,

I could write about you pages of pages… I could love you pages of pages… and write in small font so the pages last… and then hide the written letters between books so no one reads them…

When we first met, you told me that even if you had to you wouldn’t leave… I felt sad, you were compelled to feel like you had to make a choice because of me. I said, “You can go”, and the next words just came out of my mouth even though my heart wasn’t agreeing with my mind, I said “I’ll wait for you” deep down I felt it was the right thing to say and do. “I can’t leave” you said, I held you tightly so that your eyes would never know that much grief again… “I’ll wait for you”… I promised… without mercy for my tears… without knowing what the hell longing for someone felt like… I promised… I didn’t listen to my heart anymore because it now belonged to you… I couldn’t hear it’s screams from afar… maybe it was telling me “Give up” or maybe it was trying to convince me with words like “He’s doing fine, don’t worry”. Whatever it takes my heart loved him… I loved him and will always love him…

With love, your love.


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