Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, I’m taking you away from here. To a place we both haven’t seen yet. Somewhere the laughter is louder than misery. Somewhere the sea is deep but clear as crystal . Somewhere every lost beginning is found. Somewhere the people sing all night. Somewhere colors don’t need names. Somewhere time lets you choose your pace in life. Somewhere we truly belong…

Close your eyes, I’m about to tell you a visionary story. Everyone starts off with “once upon a time…” but I don’t recall time ever being once. Time is timeless, it’s nonrestrictive. I’ll have to hold on to the story until I find a better beginning, something that isn’t traditional and boring like “once upon a time”.

Close your eyes, I want to turn on the lights. You’ve been sleeping for far too long. Resume life in the most enviable way possible. Let the sun glare at you as much it wants, the moon only reflects pureness. Listen as the night brings us rejoice.

Close your eyes, we need to pray for our lost ones. We’ll say goodbye for the last time. Everyone left but we don’t know why. Maybe we’ll find the truth before we leave this town. Maybe life isn’t cruel after all. Maybe life will spare our loved ones and we won’t have to leave. Maybe we’re meant to stay…


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