Wrong Side

“Remember the day you left? I do… So does my friends, my diary and my therapist. I’m pretty sure if my cat could talk, she’d say she remembers that day too. But I’m not sure if you do…” Those were the words I wrote in my diary a few years back. Like anyone in pain, I wish I could bury that day. As sad it is, we can’t bury our past that easily, why?

We’re on the wrong side of love tonight. It takes courage to hate someone you love. How do you live with regret? How to act like you forgot when all those memories haunt you? You don’t even hate those memories, you’re just hurt by the person whom you had those memories with. You wouldn’t want to NOT go to a good coffee shop just because it reminds you of someone you despise. Are we really going to hold grudge on places because of temporary people?

The real question is why are we so sensitive? What’s taking us so long that we just can’t forgive and forget? Don’t we deserve peace? Moving on? Yes, that is definitely what we need! We need to move on or we’ll never find a place that doesn’t remind us of our past. You see, past is what we were and what we did but it’s kind of like our tail, it follows us. Whether we like it or not.

The wrong side of our love was your lies;

Love dies when lies live.
The lover withers like a flower.
The liar goes away with the heart of the lover.
The lover swears to never love again.
Hope comes one day.
The lover is born again from the ashes of her withered petals.
The liar boldly lies again.
The lover learns her fate.
The liar tries to apologise.
The lover is no longer the lover.
She calls herself the fool.


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