Not Enough

What if the things that spark our love weren’t little gifts? What if surprises weren’t meant to be that surprising? What if the one you love wasn’t rich? What if dating wasn’t about eating at an expensive Italian restaurant? What if men bought books instead of flowers? What if every person had their own original way of living their life? The streets are filled with so many copy cats that I’m afraid I might lose my originality.

I used to think sharing ideas was good for the community but what’s with all patenting ideas and courtroom fights? Is everything about money now? If I ever found a time machine, I’d go back in time.

Shouldn’t we be worrying about our education rather than how much money we’ll earn monthly? Are we all honest about our dream job? I bet there are at least a few people who choose architecture because of it’s paycheck. In fact I know a few architects-to-be that can’t even draw a straight line!

It’s not enough. Nothing is enough anymore. Money isn’t enough. Fame isn’t enough. They want more of everything. What if “more” doesn’t satisfy you? Crisis! Our community has turned into a big greedy monster. The funny thing is they aren’t even aware of it.


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