Don’t Love Too Much

I heard the howl of the wind when you weren’t around. I learned about the grief of the rain when you left. I saw the clouds gliding when I was falling. Nobody caught me, did you know? Nobody reached for my hand and helped me on my feet… Because nobody wanted to become a hero. Nobody loved me like you did, nobody could ever do anyway. I don’t want anyone to love me, I don’t want to be hurt again… I don’t want anyone to pour salt into my wounds, I don’t want to suffer.

Your eyes talk more than your lips do… that’s something I only saw in you. There are so many things we never spoke of, isn’t that right? And isn’t there things you wished you could have told me? Maybe there is but we don’t want to remember, we pretend like we forgot. Even if we are in pain, we put on a fake smile and fool the people infront of us. Will they be a fool? I think we’re the only fools here…

6 February 2015


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