Possible Lies

He promises everything like he’ll live forever. “Promises are meant to be kept…” he says, “Secrets are meant to be hidden.. but the rules? Rules are meant to be broken at some point my darling. You can’t make a man stay silent when his beloved is gazing like that” and he points at me… I give him a confused smile, he leans closer and taps my nose with his pointing finger ever so lightly three times one after the other. How can I not fall in love?

He tells the most interesting and exaggerated stories like it really happened in his presence. “Stars shine brighter every time you smile…” he says, I listen and eventually believe. “Everyone needs something to believe in my darling…” he says, “For someone like me there isn’t much to believe, but you… for someone like you, you stand in awe in front of the whole world. Your heart is so pure you believe everything I say… it’s both a blessing and a curse… I worry you’ll believe my possible lies…” How can I not believe your well put lies?

He cheers me up every time I feel upset. “Happiness too shall pass my darling, just like sadness does..” he says, “You don’t need a reason to be happy, your well-being is more important.” How can I be happy when I’m constantly ill?

He forgives and forgets. “Say sorry even when they’re right, there are no winners in arguments…” he says, but how do you say sorry when everything is falling apart? It’s like autumn all over again, I hope I don’t have to pick up the fallen leaves…



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