When you find yourself in a place that you don’t belong… What do you do? Do you run away? Do you stay? What is that one thing that makes you feel that way in the first place? Is it the people or is it the little things in life that push you aside like a disliked meal? If you ask me, I honestly don’t know… What I know is the complete opposite of that… the feeling of belonging somewhere. The feeling of home… and I am most thankful for such a blessing. Home. One syllable word. Home. One move on our lips when we say it. Home. It’s like opening your door to clarity. Home. It’s like exhaling the bad and inhaling the good. Home. A silent prayer when you close your eyes. Home sweet home.

While you’re climbing the stairs of the one place you’ve come to relax, you’re postponing all the worries and troubles of your miserable life. You knock the door ever so gently and when the hall room lights escape through the opening door, bliss welcomes you to the one place you call home. That smile on your dearest love makes everything worth it… all the worries turn to dust and get blown by the wind of love and happiness. Welcome back home.

When you wake up to leave home every morning, it means nothing to the sheets that cover you, but it means a lot to the person that shares the sheets with you. A little good morning won’t lessen the amount of longing they feel during the day just because you get to put on some shiny shoes and close the front door. Once you’re gone everything seems to gather dust. Window panes are the most dustiest… have you ever asked yourself why? Simply because longing starts by looking out the window. You look out to see if they’re coming back. There could be hours and hours until they get back but patience starts to run out every time you try to make yourself busy. You try reading a book but every time the characters share a happy moment, you start checking the time. Waiting eats up patience like a hungry dog.

Admit it, you miss him even when he’s right beside you. Every night he tells you he’s tired and all the waiting turns into disappointment. The weekend doesn’t arrive that fast and when it does, it’s usually dinner with relatives or friends. You miss the times you both spent together alone, laughing at silly things, watching movies and playing card games. Time seem to never last like it used to. When you hear someone start a sentence with, “Remember when…” it pokes your wound. You think of all the great times and start feeling unhappy about the little attention you get. If only there was a way of buying time… all you want is the good times back… but would you rather be alone and feel unhappy or be with someone and feel unhappy?? …. Happiness isn’t eternal… we all have our good and bad days and I think the whole point of having a family is to have someone that could support you. So what if you don’t get much attention? It won’t kill you. At the end of the day, everything vanishes with a whisper-like “good night” and a gentle kiss. Home isn’t just a roof over your head, it’s also the person you escape to…


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