First Two Seconds of The Fall

I had a dream that lived upon the most colorful sky… A dream so vivid yet so dull… A dream filled with hopes and the silence of the meadows… A dream so real yet undiscovered, forgotten and lost.

It’s been quite a while since I received your last letter. I sometimes blame the mailman but deep down I know you stopped writing. In other times I like to imagine that the many imaginary letters that you’ve sent are lost somewhere in the post-office. Perhaps hope isn’t that good… not always.

I kept your old crimson red scarf if you’re wondering… I refused to wash it, not even once… I didn’t want your scent to disappear just like that. I gave it time and now it’s nothing but old piece of wool. Turns out you’ve been gone since forever…

I remember the first time we met… I remember it like yesterday. You were sitting on a bench and I was walking by. You stood up when you saw me and I fell in the most metaphorical way. I fell for you…

You were nothing but a rose… so I fell into an ocean full of thorns… and the flames in your eyes were unmissable.

I was the prisoner to your throne. You were the cliff to my lifeless body. I was the penguin to your sky. You were the wizard to my peasant. I was the game and you were the player…

In the first two seconds of the fall I realized something… Pain was inevitable but the tears were uncalled-for.


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