The Dark in Your Eyes

He said, “Darkness can be silent but don’t worry sunlight isn’t that loud anyway.”


It always starts with rain, all the sad mornings that is, but I prefer fog and I have my own reasons. Fog is scary and a little violent but that’s just how we see it nowadays (many thanks to horror movies). I believe, in reality, fog is much more colorful than we call it to be. I guess if you think dark you will get darkness and if you think colors, you’ll get a rainbow?

It’s spring now and in the evenings it rains… sometimes drip drop and something slushy puddle with a city full of muddle. We love running around the city don’t we? Day and night we’re late… but have you thought about ‘where’ we’re late? I’ll whisper the answer to you… ‘We’re late for living our life’… all we do is work to get pieces of green papers but here’s the secret… you can have all the green papers you like, but you’ll NEVER have enough to buy back time!


About a year ago you started this thing; every time you answered the phone you’d say “Who is this?” even though you knew it was me… I would laugh a little… and this other time you ordered a pizza when I picked up. There are little things in life that I don’t want to forget. The little things like that time you said something about Turkish delight… I’m glad we have our own secret jokes.

In all the drama and the colors I saw a little darkness in you… It was the dark in your eyes… it’s the only thing that dares to light my path.

Lights are off but my thoughts are loud…


5 thoughts on “The Dark in Your Eyes

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  1. ” Darkness can be silent but don’t worry sunlight isn’t that loud anyway.” Dare I say it?! Hell yeah I do: Fucking brilliant! You’ve got me hooked with this line!
    I absolutely admire your train of thought and the way you portray it so incredibly well through the words you write. I love it!

    And btw: I like to think colors and yes, you do get to see rainbows that way! 😀


      1. Ohh, I’m SO happy I could bring you a piece of happiness today!
        I’m so happy that I’ve discovered this little treasure here. I love it here already. 🙂
        Well, the thing is sometimes friends don’t have what it takes to appreciate written talent. But that’s the good thing about blogging: you can reach out to complete strangers and interact with like-minded people from around the world. 😉

        Thank you, I’m truly humbled you find my ramblings inspiring! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oohh Istambul, what a beautiful place to live in! I’ve never been there in person, but Istambul is definitely on my list of places to visit and make friends. 🙂
            Hey! That sounds great, I will have a closer look at your photographs! You’ll be appearing in my reader anyway, so I won’t miss a post! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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