The Deal

Let’s make a deal; you don’t say what’s on your mind and I’ll pretend that you’re alright. What about the eyes though? Who will believe the moving lips when the eyes are clearly full of anger and misery? You can’t hide it and I’m not the only one that can read through you.

You could be the sand on our beaches or the waves of the oceans on their meeting. You could be anything but the leaves on the trees because that’s what I am.

I get yellow, orange and maybe even crimson. I fall every time the wind passes by. The fall is always like a tale; magical, a little sudden and angelic. I am meant to fall. I am what the soil needs. I am the cry of the living and the happiness of the dead. I am an ugly brown leaf on the day of rebirth. In the shock of the fall, I will return in the most beautiful way. Ethereal greens and the sweetest scent of a garden full of daffodils. Perhaps I’ll be the flower of your dreams…


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