Dear Time,

I’ve been trying to reach you since months… Tick-tick. Where are you going? Tic-tack. Where are you?

Things are awfully fast and this blur makes me nauseous. Tick-tick. Why?

Will you care to explain or will you keep quiet until I see the Light? Tick-tack. No?

My power is decreasing every single day, where are you going? Tick-tick. How?

I keep having flashbacks of places I wish to forget, what’s the rush? Tick-tock. That’s funny.

Why do people say that happy memories don’t fade easily? Tick-tack. It feels as if I’m falling. Tick-tick. The clock is spinning.

Where have you gone? You don’t say a word anymore. Tick-tack.

Is this your next game? Tick-tick. You’re no where to be found… Tick …I don’t think I’ll ever reach you. -tock.

When will you answer me? Knock knock What’s that?

*silence invades*

Who’s there?


Why did you stop running?

What happened?


For what exactly?

I don’t get how-

Honey, breakfast is ready!


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