Perfect Dreams and Other Crimes

Do you ever feel like whatever you do… it’s just not enough? Why can’t we be enough? Why do people expect us to be perfect? They’re not perfect… why should we be perfect?? Who are we up against? Why are we in a war? What’s with the “better” option? Yes, I want to be better, better than who I was before but I’ll never be better than anyone else because comparisons are full of lies. If anyone compares me… I’m just going to sit there and cry because I’ve had enough of it. Yes, comparisons are the only things that can be enough… we already have too much of that going on anyway.

I think corruption began when we decided to buy a new radio when our current radio broke… what happened to fixing things? Yeah, no. Look at all the temporary friendships and relationships… break ups and divorces…What happened to “friends forever” and “happy ever after”?? Why are we all falling apart like autumn leaves? Because some idiot taught us that “we deserve better” ?? No, no, no! That’s not how you fix things! We can’t replace things that easily… it’s just so wrong. We humans are beautiful with our flaws… we’re special with our weird habits and annoying characters. I hate to break it up to you but… there’s no prince charming… he’ll never come… the only perfect guy you’ll ever have are in books. So read lots of books, fall in love with characters that don’t exist and close your eyes if anyone tries to bring you back to real life.

We all have dreams don’t we? All sorts of weird and maybe even stupid dreams… but you know what?? We live for that. We live to love and we live to dream. We have heads filled with rainbows and happy endings. Kids aren’t the only ones with imagination. The things is… we only grow up when we decide to live for the sake of a special person… not for a dream… and we only stop dreaming when we die. Some dream of being an artist and some dream of living together forever with that special person. It’s just how it is… we’re kids in the bodies of adults. We are both small and big in this world. We have big hopes and even bigger dreams. We don’t want to stop dreaming…

I used to have dreams too… my dreams were in baby blue…They were just too beautiful to keep… so I gave up… I let it all go… and just like that I let my dreams slip away from my fingers…


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