Dear Secret,

I’ve loved you for far too long with silence and regret. I counted days and cursed all the miles you were away from me. With every rain, I learned to collect memories without you. With every day, I died a little more because I couldn’t say, I couldn’t ruin what we had. I couldn’t say I loved you like you told me in the midst of worries and fake happiness. I loved you way too much to let go of our morning conversations. I loved you with all the innocence of the devil.

We sunk into oblivion just like our song. It had all the right instruments but the melody got lost between our past and dreams. You always had a good taste in music, you still do. You even introduced me to Japanese pop, just so we could laugh. Music was just the cherry at the top of your other features. You have layers like a wedding cake, I know that’s a funny comparison but you get the idea. All the layers and you chose to hide me in the bottom layer, I had to dig to reach, to reach you. You knew I’d get tired, you knew I’d stop exploring your secrets. That’s why you hid me in the bottom layer. I was the core of the earth, I was your heart. Why did you hide me?

Secrets last if you keep them… I could hear you say something like that. Secrets do last if you keep them safe but what about love? Love’s not for hiding… just like how flowers don’t hide, love should be out and visible… it’ll blossom and amaze all the eyes that’s lucky enough to witness it’s beauty… If love’s a secret then you’re losing time and everything else but mostly me. Chances don’t knock on your door, you discover them. Hold on to your childhood dreams and spread love like you’re a flower in spring…

Fly higher than your dreams, you’re safer there because silence never brought headaches.

Much love,



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