When I crack open these pages, it burns every fingertip that touches your memory. Every word written for you becomes a bonfire. It becomes the body of the ghosts of us we both fail to keep possession of. I miss you with all the innocence that these stranger footprints left in me. I misplaced your love so carelessly and drowned in the emptiness of your teardrops. I couldn’t hold something that strong, that meaningful… after all, I was too ordinary for you.

Just a breathe away… You really were just a breathe away but I never got to see you. I dreamed of you with battered hope and held on to the possibility of “impossible love grows when the lovers don’t meet”. I believed in tales more than I believed your eyes being brown but not ordinary.

I drank my own poison when I first uttered your name. Ever since that day, my lips were cursed. No one cursed anyone so beautifully, neither did you but I’d like to imagine the boundaries like they’re everlasting. A round of applause to the one and only person I lost during a war between my heart and thoughts. You always told me that I was careless in decisions, but I never really knew what you were talking about until I actually lost you… yes… I lost you with an ordinary excuse.

I never had you. I never really called you mine. How can you own a person anyway? It’s all because of poets raising the bars so we don’t get to describe anything with a wave of our pens. Talent is in the thoughts not the pens. If pens don’t have the power to write then how come I never really stopped my pen from pouring words I don’t deserve to own? Those pearl like words come from the heavens above… they can never be ordinary.


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