Don’t Break My Heart

Can we just stop for a second, please? Take a deep breath now. Where are we going? What are we doing? We seem preoccupied with life but we’re actually lost in the mist of our past. It seems only yesterday you were serenading your future, what changed? Not there yet? Did your dreams turn to dust? Well you’re not alone in this, just like a friend of mine once said, “Most of us go through that *I want to play the guitar* phase, except me.” Some dreams are meant to not last…

Believe it or not, I’ve had the silliest of dreams like most of the dreamer kids… only the problem was that I wasn’t a kid then. I wasn’t a kid then and I’m not a kid now… but yes, my actions aren’t any different. But who cares though? Rainbows are still rainbows and chocolate tastes as good as before, only we need it more now. Places and times might’ve changed but people are still breaking my heart. Don’t break my heart… be a mechanic and fix it.

The only thing I miss is palm trees near the beach… Not sure if we have them here but I’m sure they would NEVER feel the same. Feast my eyes but my heart will feel empty. Oh sweet Arabian palm trees, who would’ve thought one day I’d write lines about you in such a heart broken way ? Don’t break my heart… be a tree and give me new branches and leaves.

So many cultures, so many styles of clothes. As Rumi once said, “I saw many humans on whom there were no clothes. I saw many clothes in which there were no humans.” Why bother choosing what to wear every morning when you can wear a smile instead?? Don’t break my heart… be a tailor and stitch it.

Heaven on earth… skies. I love the way clouds glide on the atmosphere. My kindergarten teacher was such a sweet lady. She taught us how to stick to one another, literally and metaphorically. We made animals shaped masks, imagining we were in a ball room. We made cards for special days, showing love at the simplest yet sweetest way. We held hands and danced around, we never let go, until the music stopped. We glued so many things together but we couldn’t glue ourselves. Don’t break my heart… be a teacher and glue it.


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