Every pebble that crossed my path, I kicked them. It’s not about strength or patience, it’s about NOT caring. When you care about something “simple” too much, you get tired, you age, you get broken into pieces every time the thing you care too much about doesn’t go the way you want. Can we all make a list of all the important things we own? Can we settle our minds on “real” things. Can we just stop dreaming?… We can’t.



“I love you”… she says crying in the graveyard. Her mother taps her on the shoulder, “Honey, we should go, it’s getting dark”… Rain and a little bit of lightning, that’s what happens in movies when the main character is sad, right? It’s funny how… whatever the weather, in our thoughts, it always rains… rains heavily.


The train leaves at eight. A man in a trench coat runs after it but stops when the train is unreachable. While the man is staring at the leaving train sorrowfully, a lady in a big hat approaches from behind. In an English accent she says, “You thought I was going leave?” The man turns around almost like a dancer and says, “You…” She smiles and holds up her index finger, “Ah, don’t even-”  “Mother is really mad at-”  “I know brother, no one’s hurt, I just like a little drama. Now you all love me more. Ta!” ….


She walks through a tunnel, a man is standing at the edge of the cliff. “I was waiting for the longest time, I thought you forgot.” he says and turns around to look into her eyes. “It’s hard to forget, when there is such an empty space when you are gone.” she says. He stretches out his hand and she runs and hugs him and they both fall off ….  Some people can make bungee jumping dramatic. Talent.


We had a dream… You said you’ll never leave but you did. I guess Death never keeps promises…


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