Lost Love

Dear Lost-Love,

I heard you’re finally leaving. Well, good for you. It took you long enough to leave my life too. Maybe you’re not good at leaving places. Leaving home is hard, I know that but leaving a lost-love has got to be much much more easier.

Why? Why do you care so much when I don’t even keep your memories. Why can’t you let it all go?

If dreams were real, you’d be quite the dreamer. Dreams aren’t real and I left a long long time ago… Just let it go… I know you can. You were always the strong and patient side, what happened?


When I said “I love you” I lied. I’m not as heartless as you think, I did love something, I loved the idea of you. I loved the attention and all the sweet words. I loved how time passed and you never left.

We all dream of a faithful friend but when we’re unfaithful where is the balance? There’s always two sides to a story… but there’s only one side to this story and that is pretend-love and getting used to a person… nothing more and nothing less. We thought we knew each other? Ahahaha no! No way we didn’t. I’ll tell you what happened… We made up characters in our heads and thought we loved them. We imagined things the way it NEVER was, we fooled ourselves and in the end only you got hurt.

I thought you were the strong side, I guess I was.

Much love,

Your Lost-Love


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