Dear Gamer,

You’re probably sitting at the edge of your bed, drinking in the fact that you lost the game by giving up, YOU lost… The game of love, the game of trust and the game of who-leaves-early. If the train is leaving in an hour, I’m taking a taxi.

I wake up to a Wednesday morning, the curtains aren’t drawn but it’s dark like a midnight. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat in the balcony. The view is like a monster with misty eyes, it’s gray fur is covering the sky… I sat there for a while. I used to think that foggy weather is dull but today, I really think that millions of people are underestimating the power and energy of a foggy morning. At first you think you can’t see anything but then you realize that you actually can. In fact you see things more now because just like a girl at a wedding with smokey eyes, the city has it’s make-up on. Beautiful, clouds are beautiful in every shape and in every place.

I take the train to the city. When I arrive it’s 8 in the morning and the streets are crowded but half the population is sleeping. I know what these people think, they’re all in a hurry to reach their destination. Most of them didn’t even have breakfast, I can see their hungry eyes. They’re hungry and in a hurry. If I just stand here right in the middle of this boulevard, they’re probably going to push me aside. What’s the hurry? Their hungry and angry eyes tell me that they’re late. All these people trying to reach their destination in the most quickest way but what they’re missing is that “great haste brings great waste”. Destination… such a beautiful word, it’s origin is Latin but to me it’s like a word made out of destiny and nation. We follow our destiny and the only place we belong to is our nation…

In the afternoon I go to a café. I order a glass of water. The waiter places it on my table with a folded tissue, but why? Why the tissue? It’s water, it’s clean and it’s crystalline, it never leaves a stain. In every sip I think of all the beauty on earth and in every sip I savor nature. You can savor water but you can’t BE water. Nobody is that clear, nobody is that clean, nobody is that bright, nobody is that transparent, nobody is that tasteful, nobody is that natural… all we do is lie about what we are. Why aren’t we satisfied with what we are? Why do we make people think like we’re someone else? Why can’t we be more like water?

Emptiness… I’m in a metro station and the tunnel is empty. Every minute crowd of people are coming down the escalator, they’re in a hurry too. Out of nowhere you cross my mind. I try to clear my head but you’re quite persistent to stay there… and to be honest, you stayed there more than you stayed in my life.

I know you don’t regret knowing me but I do, I regret everything about you… even hearing your name. You cursed my ears with that voice, you cursed my eyes with those looks, you cursed me of all the people that you could.

I’d tip my hat if I had one, you’re the master of cards but you played this game wrong…

Much love,

The Game


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  1. I am speechless, totally taken aback I mean how could I have inspired some thing so freaking beautiful? That’s what it is Jamila, It’s so beautiful and I love and I cam actually relate to it which is even more scary, I am tipping my metaphorical hat to you! Chapeau ❤❤

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