All The Rights, All The Wrongs

Last drop of my coffee, that’s what you were. Inspiring, challenging and painful. Those three words has always been the right description of you. Bittersweet memories and times, it was a winter afternoon when we first let the devil in. When you blossomed in spring, I fell in love sorry “despair”, because you were too good to be true and I was hopelessly thinking about you. I thought about you for days and days, impossibilities turning into dreams, words turning into quotes, pictures turning into collages, your voice turning into a… well, I guess your voice is the only thing that never changed.

Right person wrong time? Wrong person right time? Wrong person wrong time? We collected all the wrongs and let go of all the rights…

I heard a whisper one night, some creepy voice (not yours) telling me to give up on my dreams and follow yours. I could’ve done that but you never told me about all the things you kept as a secret. Secrets that were good but told in the wrongest of all times… Secrets that wrecked a town of dreams and what-ifs… Secrets that were meant to stay as secrets for… forever.

I used to listen to you because you were my escape from reality, you were real, still real and extraordinary in every possible way. I used to listen to you because you were the only right thing in my life. You made all the wrongs right… I used to listen to you because no one ever did. I used to listen to you because our stars weren’t the fault, distance was…

Things have changed but not just things, we changed… Dreams turning into dust. An ending without THE END because I’m not dead yet


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