Do you dream of all the things that you shouldn’t?? Wait, let me rephrase that, are you one of us?… We dreamers have imagination the size of a three year old. We see things but things don’t see us. We float in a mist of what-ifs and why-nots.

Night is between blue and black. There is forced silence on the streets. I know he’s not here anymore.

I promised I wouldn’t cry but a tear is all I need to let go. Let it go … says the little voice in my head, but will I ever let go of a perfect patience?

I keep on remembering the day we spun like dervishes. It was like time stopped, minutes and seconds froze. The only thing I heard was your childish laugh, a little innocent, a little crazy, our love lit up the whole sky that very moment… My screams turning into laughs, every time my head spun I fell in love with you again… again… again… till forever. Yes, the world spins but how can I spin without you?

I’ve been counting days, I’ve been collecting my reactions to every memory you made while you were away. I’m waiting for the day you finally come back home… eyes on the road that leads to you, hands on the door that opens to you, tears on my pillow that holds my secrets… I hold my blanket tight, you’re here, I know… I know you never left. When will you come back? I missed you so much it hurts. The leaves turned yellow, the weather is getting colder each day you decide to stay there.

I’ve seen green, I’ve seen blue… but none of that was you… I miss you…



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