Have a “Good” Bye

Things don’t always end up like the way we planned them to. Not everything is in our favor. Rain isn’t the only thing that washes things… time does too. Time washed away my wounds… Sometimes we love the impossibilities even though we know the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t exist. And maybe you were right about one thing… being sorry, but that didn’t take you anywhere nice, did it? The way I see it, it was a little adventure that we were meant to take lessons from and a little bit of pity. But that was just my side of the story.

You’re scared that you’ll never find something like this again… but you will. Maybe, just maybe you’re right. We only knew the sugar-coated versions of each other. Nothing else mattered, not to you, not to me… we were careless and free but we wrecked the road that led to heaven.

Everything was real, it really was… but at the end of the day, I was in a new chapter of my life and you were just a breeze from the past… It hurts to admit that. Maybe I shouldn’t feel lonely anymore, just like you said… “But don’t… There’s no time to feel that way… Life is just a breath.”

Endings tend to be sad… the saddest part is… I told you that I hate goodbyes… and even though you said you won’t say it, you did… only to leave me hanging… this isn’t a passerby advice, it never was… I know it hurts but have a “good” bye…


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