The Best Excuse

Are you looking for a reason to be happy? I’m in the same situation myself. I understand that but… there’s one thing I don’t understand, how can people be happy without a reason? Is there a recipe for this? Can you please share? I really need to know!!

Love… it’s the first thing that comes into our little heads when we think of the best excuse for being happy. “If you’re in love = you’re happy” there is no such thing as that statement. It’s not even a statement, it’s a childish kind of way of thinking, love isn’t a game and we’re no kids to play with it!!

If you’re in love AND happy… congratulations my friend, you are a bird… I bet right now you’re flying up above the sky with happiness, catch a pinch of those fluffy-white-things-in-the-sky for me, will you?

Love can change a person. Good or bad, that’s something YOU should worry about… but here’s what I know, if it’s for good then never ever ever ever leave that person. If anyone other than your parents can make you a better person then they are nothing but gold! You have a friend made out of GOLD!! What do you do?? You keep it safe.

So, is love an excuse to be happy? I think love is the king of excuses…. but only if its two-sided. It’ll be a burning hell if they don’t love you back. For now let’s be positive and believe the fact that there are people out there that breathe air and love you. If there’s no one that loves you… sorry but hello??!?! I love you!!

Here’s the thing about me… lately people are telling other people or simple me that I, the person writing this piece of text is in love. I’m not going to deny that, in fact I’m going to quote something fresh off my little head.

If love is an excuse, you’re the best excuse I ever made…


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  1. I love your style here, it’s different from the others yet it really hits close to home. MashaAllah tabarakaAllah keep it up ❤


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