28 May 2014

Every now and then we need a little reorganization in our lives. Things don’t often go the way we expect them to. Along with the reorganization we need a good laugh too. Unfortunately it’s never as easy as it seems, we need a friend for a good laugh, a friend with a good sense of humor.

A week ago I was in deep confusion. I’ve never felt that numb in my life before. Despite the fact that the feeling had a new touch on my skin, it was almost like a wound with an agonizing pain.

I’m tired of trying too hard on things that will not happen. Like all people, I have hopes and dreams but when it comes to a point that I see no future in a dream, I give up. Maybe I give up easily, maybe I’m not that brave but I’ve held on to a few dreams for too long. Sometimes you just have to let go of things. Things in this case can be people too, just not the usual type.

Unusual things such as people can be a mistake. There are only a few kind people that hold the friendship rope willingly. You’d be amazed to know that there are actual living, breathing, walking people that use us. There’s nothing sane about talking to oneself, that’s why we talk to people, to avoid other people that might call us crazy. Aren’t we all a little too careful with “what if”s?

What about those people that dig our wounds? They approach us like a butterfly but leave like fire. Who’s going to collect our ashes? Will the wind be kind enough to carry it to a better place? Will the birds sing on our death day?

Every wound needs time to heal…


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