The Truth About Life

5 February 2014

Surviving through ups and downs of life is pretty difficult. You start loving someone and naturally you start living in their world. One day, when you’re watching that little bird you realize it’s already time for migration, autumn has arrived and leaves of trees so colorful. Until the blanket of the freezing white conquers the ground. While you were chasing that bird you’ve forgotten your life. Your broken dreams disappoint you, you lose everything and suddenly your colorful life becomes black and white. Those moments arrive when you least expect it.

You trust your youth but the little bird will not be the only thing that will leave you behind. You complain about being lonely but who are you to point such an excuse to your grumpiness when there are 7 billion human being on Earth? You cry after little things but the question is, is it worth it? Stop whimpering around and get your head straight.

“There was a man…” that’s the most cliché beginning ever. Quite a while ago I wrote a letter that never reached it’s destination. To be honest, I never sent the letter. Nevertheless I don’t regret it.

There were moments where I couldn’t express myself, in one of those moments I wrote that letter. Even though it has deep meanings, when I read it today, it feels like a song that sunk into oblivion…


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