The Crowd of Randomness

16 February 2014

I was never good at decisions, it’s always been the hardest thing in my life. I had a habit of asking people’s opinion but there are things which you can’t ask people, you have to decide it on your own.

Friendships are hard to maintain, especially the kind of friendships where one side doesn’t care much about the other. Love is never equal, there’s always that person one that loves or cares more than person two. So when it ends, it’s usually something like “You never cared anyway!”, they actually did, but never as much as you did.

Perfectionists can be such a pain in the neck sometimes, yes I’m complaining but they lack empathy in their lives. No need of names, it’s hard to keep up with them. Whatever you do, it’s never enough, they are never satisfied. The easiest way is to never have a goal of satisfying them, just do your best, they’ll never appreciate it anyway.

So I have this friend, let’s call that friend, X. Well X is such a good friend, always been there for me. We had ups and downs like a roller coaster but X is still there for me. I wasn’t exactly a good friend to X. X deserves more but X isn’t a perfectionist. X doesn’t ask for more because X knows my capacity, X knows me too well. X understands me, X never judges me, X always guides me, X helps me. So there are times in my life where I think, why isn’t everyone like X?

It’s simple, X wouldn’t be so important to me if everyone was like X. X would be random, X would be like everyone else. X wouldn’t be X. X wouldn’t exist. Without X, I wouldn’t be me, I’d be random too. I’d be lost in the crowd of randomness…


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