Summer in Istanbul

4 February 2014

My idea of spending summer is unlike any other. We live near the sea but somehow that doesn’t add up with the idea of “let’s go to the beach” because my mom happens to be a very strict parent. I’m not complaining and with time I found better activities to spend my time with. Such as writing which needs no specific weather or location.

In the summer of 2011 I had a rabbit named Ebony. Such a sweet little pet. Unfortunately she was murdered by a mean dog at my uncle’s summer house. Don’t worry my cousin’s kids buried her and recited few prayers. That’s not even the funny part, during that time I was at a summer camp and my mom kept her death a secret. I was 16, it was unlikely that I’d cry after a pet!

You’d actually think my mom cares a lot about me but you’re mistaken. She’s too overprotective, I could barely say I’m living. Once in a blue moon she agrees on my plans with my friends. It actually became a habit, every time a friend invites me to a party, I directly say “sorry my mom doesn’t allow” I don’t even bother asking her.

Everything is better now, she actually started taking me seriously. I guess this is what wise people call “growing up”…


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