Someone I Don’t Know

6 August 2014

I’m writing because some words get lost somewhere between the lines…

Maybe a little outsider, maybe a little intimate… I’m writing about someone I don’t know. The thing is; it’s not that difficult to know someone. If there is sincerity you can know a person even by looking into their eyes. Maybe I can’t make eye contact as easily as you can but at least I have a cool way of fluttering my eyes and turning away.

You seem invisible in a crowd of ordinary people. You’re a bit too quiet for a loud day-dreamer. You like watching life as it goes by, you realize things but you keep it to yourself. Your sense of humor is limited by professionals. You only laugh to kill the audience. You always know the right thing to say. You never kill the mood, you revive it. You don’t need anyone but yourself because you can compliment yourself pretty much all the time. You talk like you own the city. You are one funny little thing in a dramatic situation.

Maybe I don’t have much to say right now, but you’ll see there will come a time when we’ll have hundreds of pages of memories…


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