Sad Endings

23 July 2014

The midnight was crawling like a wounded animal. The wind was whistling a scary tune. I knew then things weren’t going to be the way it used to be…

I knew a kid that read a story more than twice. I asked her “how did you feel when you read it for the third time?” She laughed and replied, “I burnt the book”… Don’t we all hate sad endings?

As strange as it gets, I’ve been on the same page until one day… one day when I lost my bookmark. I thought I didn’t read much, I thought I wasn’t anywhere near the middle… so I decided to start over, the very first page… only to find out the bookmark was in the last page… Don’t we all hate sad endings?

I knew a friend that kept his feelings bottled up. Books were his escape from reality. He was on the last chapter eager to get to the ending. His mother asked him to get a box of eggs from the store, so he carefully placed the bookmark four pages before the last. He was whistling while driving back home… that’s when it happened… he died… Don’t we all hate sad endings?

I knew an old lady that gave her favorite book to her grandson. The eleven year old read in the faint light of an oil lamp one night, nervously chewing on his nails… When he was only a paragraph away from the ending… That’s when he heard the loud thump… He went downstairs… turned the lights on… found his grandmother on the floor… The book fell from his hands. Don’t we all hate sad endings?


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