Perks of Having a Birthday on a Weekend

19 July 2014

Today is the day I was born…

It’s funny how the way I feel can change just in a week… last week I felt like a white empty wall and today I’m a double rainbow.

To be honest I’ve been waiting for this day for quite a long time but it made me realize that after eighteen you start feeling old. Maybe I’m exaggerating, that’s how I am but up until this year I had this crazy feeling of growing up. However this year I just want to stay nineteen.

So what are the perks of having a birthday on a weekend? I’ve been trying to figure out since yesterday but here’s what I found out :

1. It’s Saturday so I get to spend time with my family.
2. I could go outside.
3. I could read a book.
4. I could meet friends.
5. I could throw a party.
6. I could bake a cake.
7. I could go to the coast with my family.
8. I could take a walk.
9. I could sleep.

Reality :

10. Dad worked today so let’s scratch number 1.
11. I couldn’t go outside.
12. Few of my friends called to wish me a happy birthday.
13. It was a rainy Saturday.
14. Maybe after 2 weeks I’ll meet my friends.
15. I didn’t throw a party.
16. I didn’t bake a cake.
17. I couldn’t go to the coast, it was raining.
18. I couldn’t take a walk, it was raining.
19. It was raining!

Rain? I guess that’s the reason for the double rainbow…


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